In the age of technology, businesses are learning to rapidly adapt to culture shifts and consumer interest. Most businesses recognize the need for a user-friendly website in order to help attract consumers. Most of the small-businesses and organizations I have worked with have even realized, and thus created, a website or some sort of social-media presence. However, websites are limited to how much they can actually interact with each customer. Businesses have realized the importance of this interaction and have now turned to blogs in order to create a stronger relationship between business and consumer.

Michael Pollock created his own blog that expresses 10 examples on how to improve a business blog. Pollock offers some great suggestions that go beyond the typical “post often” and “engage the audience.” Some of my favorite suggestions include starting the opening paragraph with a funny story and sharing something personal. People love being able to laugh. Starting the blog with something funny will make readers want to continue on and look for more reasons to interact with the blog. Additionally, bloggers need to relate to their audience, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by sharing personal stories of experiences consumers and readers are could be experiencing.


The computer and technology giant Microsoft does a very good job at its blog presence, despite its large size. With stories ranging from the newest technology to helping create solutions to world hunger, Microsoft flawlessly demonstrates how to relate to its target audience. For example, the blog regarding world hunger was posted the week following Thanksgiving. This was the most opportune time to post the article, after millions of Americans celebrate a holiday that demonstrates being thankful for what we have, and thus realizing what many other impoverished people do not. This article was not only relatable, but also portrayed Microsoft in a very positive way by expressing how they plan to solve the issue of world hunger.

There is no secret recipe to blogging. However, trying new things and the tips linked above will certainly help. While creating a successful blog is no easy task, it is essential  in creating a strong business-consumer relationship.

What companies are surpassing your blog expectations?

What techniques do they use?


5 thoughts on “The Components of Successful Business Blogging

  1. Agreed. I think it’s important for businesses to related to target audiences and also to be socially responsible. Your example of Microsoft’s blog post about world hunger is a great example of being in tune with the audience and exercising social responsibility.


  2. Great article, Taylor! I love it when businesses share personal stories. It definitely helps me feel connected to the business. Another interesting technique is guest bloggers- it is great to have different perspectives


  3. Hey Taylor, great blog post! I enjoyed how you highlighted Microsoft and shared with appropriate links some of their better blog posts. Really good content and writing style. I can tell that you are a natural writer. Again, nicely done and looking forward to some of your future posts!


  4. Taylor, I enjoyed how you hit on the importance of business-consumer relationship. In everything I’ve found, the personal or funny stories that are shared seem to help greatly. It sure always helped me become more familiar and personal with a company if they shared something with me first!


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