When I first started drumming, one of the most important aspects of practicing and getting better was using the right equipment. As every other young musician, the easiest way to get better at my instrument was to use the best equipment and gear (practicing did not seem as important then). It seemed as though every successful drummer or drum line I followed at the time used Vic Firth as their sticks of choice. There was a certain prestige that came with using Vic Firth equipment. The equipment made me feel as if I was a part of a select group of very talented musicians.

drumline(A young Taylor Parrish marching on snare drum for the Golden Regiment Marching Band)

To this day, I still hold Vic Firth at the top of my list when it comes to percussion manufacturers. When tasked to analyze its website, I was not surprised to find how they once again stood out among their competition. With a sleek design and simplistic home page, the Vic Firth website is easy and simple to navigate. The site even features professional-grade percussion lessons, as well as performances by percussionists all over the world. Vic Firth has made the site easy for consumers to use, whether they are buying sticks or just trying to gain knowledge about the art of percussion itself.

vic firth logo.png

Laura Lake posted an article describing the 10 best ways to market a business online. Vic Firth accomplishes nearly all of these strategies. With a congruent web design,  search engine optimization, professional percussionist partnerships, and easy access to Vic Firth’s social media pages, Vic Firth has done an excellent job at grabbing the interest of a fellow percussionist. However, there are a few things the company could do to improve its reach within its target market. First, creating a blog with relevant information surrounding the percussion world and what the company is doing to innovate the industry would be very compelling to the audience. Secondly, the website should feature current events taking place in the percussion world even if it is not specifically about Vic Firth. While this may sound crazy, consumers are generally interested in more than just the brand itself and want to know about the subject as a whole. Lastly, Vic Firth should showcase their partnerships with famous musicians. While they showcase some famous percussionists, most entry level drummers will not quite understand who these people are. Going after a Travis Barker (Blink-182) or a Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots) will help the company reach a portion of their audience quicker.


With over one billion websites in the world, businesses must find a way to stand out among their competition. With a quality product and a quality website, Vic Firth has successfully created the perfect pair.


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