Having a thriving social media presence is a key factor to success in today’s society. Being engaged on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well as having a structured website can help your audience grasp who you are  and the image you want to portray. However, achieving a high caliber social media presence is much easier said than done. Businesses must first create a social media strategy if they plan on having even limited success in the very competitive online world.

Social Media Doodles Elements

Michael Patterson wrote an article describing the 7 steps to creating an effective social media strategy. His steps are as follows:

  1. Ensure Social Goals Solve Challenges. Set measurable goals that will solve current challenges your business is facing, or those that you may face in the future.
  2. Extend Efforts Throughout Your Organization. Integrate multiple departments in your business in order to identify the impact social media has on them.
  3. Focus on Networks That Add Value. Determine which social media outlets your target audience uses most. Allocate resources appropriately.
  4. Create Engaging Content. Make your content useful to your audience through videos, guides, or infographics. The goal is to retain and gain customers through the content on your social media accounts.
  5. Identify Business Opportunities. Determine new ways your business can interact and engage your target market. Keeping track of what your competition is doing can help generate ideas on what is working, or what is not.
  6. Engage Instead of Ignore. Responding to feedback on social media has become extremely important. Being able to quickly answer questions or respond to complaints will help your brand image and give your customers a feeling of importance.
  7. Track, Improve, and Market Your Efforts. Determine what works and what doesn’t. Improve upon your failures, and build on success.

Being able to successfully integrate each of these 7 steps into your social media marketing strategy will help establish your business in the online world. A business that has done an excellent job implementing a successful social media strategy is Charmin. Charmin has a very engaging and humorous social media presence. Charmin is known for inventing its own hashtag (#tweetfromtheseat), partnering with other businesses to promote Charmin products, and even inventing phone applications and games. While toilet paper in and of itself is generally a topic that isn’t brought up in conversation, Charmin has found a way to make the product funny and lighthearted through its outstanding social media presence.



4 thoughts on “Charmin’s Ultra Strong Social Media Strategy

  1. Awesome post Taylor! I really liked your tips and insights! I especially agree with the one about feedback. I really appreciate and respect companies that reply to their followers on social media. It shows that they care about their consumers. Keep up the good work!


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