“The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video.”                       -Gary Vaynerchuck

Creating videos has become a vital part of social media marketing. Websites like Facebook that once revolved around status updates, text, and photos have now shifted to almost entirely video. Video has become so important that if you don’t use it in your social media content, you will fail and lose to the competition. Users want to be engaged with and entertained by the brands they choose to be a part of. Visual storytelling is what makes videos so much more attractive and user friendly than just text. So what do you need to know before you try to become the Shakespeare of video marketing?

Gary Vaynerchuck wrote an article describing the rise of video in content marketing and its four biggest social media outlets. Vaynerchuck describes the benefits to each and how they should be used to grow your brand:

  1. YouTube. “A library of content.” While still very valuable for growing businesses, YouTube is in a downward trend in comparison to Facebook based on daily video viewership. Youtube is still very effective for growing a target audience and a brand, but isn’t showing signs of healthy growth. In fact, one of the only signs of growth it currently has is competition. This makes it harder to create brand awareness due to market saturation
  2. Facebook. “Smart, shareable, and personal.” With over 4 billion daily video streams, the addition of new video ad products, and one of the best data companies, Vaynerchuck considers this website as a great investment for marketers. Additionally, Facebook allows you to market directly to your target audience unlike any other medium out there today, making Facebook a must have for video content.
  3. Twitter. “Direct, social, and real.” Twitter has become a staple for most social media users. However, Twitter has a more ‘real’ feeling attached to it, as opposed to some of its competitors. Thus, marketers have to put in more effort to see more results, but the engagement that is created can prove to be stronger through authenticity. Twitter has created a function where celebrities and businesses can easily respond to tweets via video. Lastly, Twitter has made it easy for marketers to interpret how well specific tweets are doing among the accounts followers as shown below.
    (Clearly my followers wanted a good Taco Bell deal as much as I did)
  4. Snapchat. “It’s all about attention.” Snapchat is the latest social media craze. Snapchat allows users to follow celebrities and business. These businesses and celebrities can upload videos to their “story.” Stories last 24 hours, giving viewers a sense of urgency to view the stories of their favorite brands. Businesses can use this as a promotional tool for giveaways or special deals. Snapchat also just recently launched the discover portion of the app allowing brands to place ads before ads roll, as well as before stories. Snapchat is now a must have for video content.


The National Football League is doing an excellent job with its video content on social media. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat, I see promotional videos for upcoming games and highlights on a daily basis. In fact, the NFL has its own discovery channel on Snapchat allowing users to see new content every day. Even though the NFL is a very unique business, its marketing team is definitely taking home the Lombardi trophy for video content marketing.



2 thoughts on “The Super Bowl of Marketing: Video Content Marketing

  1. Nice post Taylor! I really like the quote that you gave, as well as the facts that you presented. I didn’t really think of the NFL when it came to social media, but they really do have an awesome presence online, especially for events like the Super Bowl. Great job!


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