Social media has become an extremely relevant part of every day life. Marketing across these platforms are rivaling traditional forms and even becoming more relevant than many. Each platform is very intricate and requires special attention in order for marketers to be successful in reaching their target audience. With each platform being individual of one another, it can be a challenge for marketers to understand  how to differentiate their strategies This blog will cover tips to help marketers better understand three of the most important social media platforms.



Ishita Ganguly wrote a terrific article describing 6 ways improve a businesses Facebook page results. Some of the tips, while relevant, are tips that would work well for any social media platform. For example, Ganguly mentions including calls to action and posting at the right time of day. However, Ganguly also has a few tips that I would like to highlight. First, she recommends using properly sized images. Uploading pictures with a length and width of 1200 x 1200 pixels will result in higher quality pictures for your content. Second, Ganguly recommends using the proper format when using links in updates. Pasting the link into the update will provide additional information about the link. Lastly, Ganguly recommends using Facebook’s targeting options. Using these targeting options can allow marketers to target their audience more specifically and directly.


In my last blog, I discussed the importance of having a presence on Twitter. Juan Lopez wrote an article with tips on how to build a larger presence through Twitter. Here are some tips that stood out to me:

2. Stay On-Topic and On-Trend. Twitter has trends that appear on the side of the website. Use these trends and market research to determine what your audience is interested in. Be interactive with these trends in order to gain an audience.

3. Respond to Tweets From Large Accounts. Accounts with a large following will allow you to engage with larger audiences.

4. Thank Those Who Tweet You. This is self-explanatory. Be grateful for interactions will show sincerity and appreciation for your audience.

8. Host a Follower Giveaway. Having followers ‘retweet to win’ a product you offer will not only increase your reach, but also allow users to try your product.

These tips, while some very simple, will definitely allow marketers to expand their reach.



Before reading Kamila Gornia’s article, I had a very limited knowledge of this social platform. Google+ can help drive traffic on your website and make help establish connections with influencers to increase growth. Gornia has 5 tips that will help ensure business growth through Google+:

  1. Take Advantage of SEO Benefits. Google Plus has great SEO benefits. Using hashtags, keywords, and sharing your posts from your website will help increase SEO.
  2. Optimize Your Page. Just like with every social media platform, being detail oriented and brand aligned will make your Google+ page sleek and professional.
  3. Make Your Posts Stand Out. Google+ gives you total control of how your content looks. Be creative and make your page be different than the competition.
  4. Actively Grow Your Community. The more people you have in your community, the more Google will prioritize your posts when showing up in search results. Actively seeking a larger community will help you exponentially.
  5. Engage Your Influencers. There are a multitude of influencers on Google+ that are actively trying to engage with others. Collaboration is key to success, so be interactive and engage with others!

Putting emphasis on social media strategy has a huge impact on a businesses performance. Having a successful mixture of these three platforms can help bring your online social media presence to a new level.




3 thoughts on “The Big Three: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

  1. Social media are increasingly playing vital roles in our lives. They are also becoming an indispensable marketing tool in business. Great post, very valuable information found. thanks for sharing.


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