The three social media platforms I am going to highlight today are very unique. These platforms have a younger audience and a growing population. Marketers are encouraged to use these platforms to again further their reach and spread brand awareness. In this blog, I will list some tips and tricks in order to conquer Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr.


Reddit is a very simple social media platform that allows users to follow and interact with subreddits. Subreddits are essentially forums dedicated to specific topics. Jacqueline Zenn wrote a wonderful article about this platform. She explains that it is very important for marketers to use Reddit as it has over 35 million different users each month. She then lists 3 reasons marketer should get involved on Reddit.

  1. Subreddits and Market Research. Subreddits enable marketers to understand what topics their target audience is currently talking about. Being able to analyze the different sub topics surrounding your product or service will enable marketers to more accurately connect with their audience.
  2. Ask Reddit. This function allows users to ask questions directly and receive answers quickly. Marketers can use this as a large focus group to get feedback on their select product or service.
  3. Giveaways and Freebies. Just like any social media platform, giveaways are a great way to interact with your audience. By giving away free samples or coupons, consumers feel as if you actually want to build a relationship with them and their business.



Despite using Pinterest for my Digital & Social Media Marketing class, I have very limited experience with Pinterest. I have always thought that this platform was primarily used by woman. However, in Jeff Sieh’s article ‘Pinterest Marketing: How to Succeed on Pinterest‘ he explains that this assumption is simply not true and that men are actually the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest. Sieh continues to explain how Pinterest works and tips for marketers in order to be successful. First, users can buy products from businesses through Pinterest. This is huge for marketers as this is another outlet for companies to make sales. Secondly, Sieh explains that 80% of all pins are re-pins. This means  that people are hungry for new content. Building a following will help get your content spread faster and hopefully build a larger audience. Lastly, Sieh recommends making sure all of your content is mobile-friendly. Close to 90% of all users are mobile users so it is very important for you content to be usable on mobile devices.



Tumblr is another growing social media platform. Tumblr is a form of blogging called microblogging. With over 420 million users and over 900 posts every second, Tumblr has become essential for marketers. Olsy Sorokina wrote an article describing some advanced techniques marketers can use to grow their following. First, she suggests creating themed blogs for different campaigns. She states that if Tumblr contains a large portion of our target market that you may even want to make Tumblr you main platform for your brand’s blogs. She also suggests that you create themes for different promotions in order to get users excited about each campaign. Secondly, Sorokina suggests linking your Instagram with your Tumblr. Connecting these platforms will also connect uses and build brand congruity. Lastly, Sorokina suggests connecting with other professionals in your industry. This tip is helpful on all platforms as it will help you understand how others are being successful with your audience. Using some of the same ideas and following by their example will help your company be successful.

While these platforms are not necessarily the ones that typically come to mind first, they are extremely important to marketers. Using these tips to help create successful campaigns can help your business grow and flourish.



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