Engaging with your target audience is debatably one of the most important. It seems like I talk about this in all of my blogs, but that is due to its importance. In this blog, I will discuss how create a larger engagement using LinkedIn, Flickr, and Periscope.



  • LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter
  • 2 million companies have posted LinkedIn company pages
  • LinkedIn has 200 million users across 200+ countries


These statistics are very intriguing. LinkedIn is clearly a must for any marketing team. But how do you get started? Douglas Karr wrote an excellent article answering this question and giving tips on how to utilize LinkedIn as a marketing tool. Three of these tips stood out as being very unique and helpful:

  • Use LinkedIn as Market Research. With tons of market leaders and an audience looking for jobs, LinkedIn can be a very helpful tool to identify how your team should be attempting to reach new audiences.
  • Position Your Company as an Industry Thought Leader. Creating engaging content and marketing yourself as a high-end company will keep your audience interested.
  • Clarify What Your Company Stands For. Being able to make your audience fully understand what you stand for is crucial. LinkedIn provides another platform for you to do so.



Flickr is a great too for businesses. Uploading photos to share your brand is a great way to engage customers. Giving them a sense that they are a part of what is happening with your business. Beth Gasser wrote an excellent article describing 5 ways to use Flickr to help grow your business.

  1. Finding Stock Photography. Using Flickr can be a good resource for finding photos for you brand’s blog. Being able to make your website and blog look sleek will attract more consumers.
  2. Providing Stock Photography. This is a great way to build brand recognition. Everyone that uses your photos will have to give you credit. Thus, anyone who sees this will begin to recognize your brand.
  3. Keyword Opportunity. Each photo you add gives you an opportunity to increase page rank. Seeking higher page rank will increase your chances of reaching new targets.
  4. Inbound Link Building. Adding links to your other social media platforms and websites creating more views to each.
  5. Tell Your Story. In the same sense as Snapchat, Flickr presents a great opportunity to take consumers behind the scenes.



Periscope is essentially the same thing as Snapchat’s Discover function, except a little more advanced. Periscope allows users to broadcast video from anywhere in the world. Other users can join and leave a broadcast at any time. This free app is an excellent tool for marketers trying to spread their reach. Steve Olenski wrote an article describing how to use Periscope and do it well. First, Olenksi suggests building an audience. Just like any social platform, having an audience is the first pillar to being successful online. Second, he suggests making how-to bideos. Viewers will get a sense of being a part of the business and better understanding the brand itself. Last, Olenski suggests creating a weekly podcast to keep your audience engaged.


Understanding these social platforms can help you further your reach and create brand awareness. So get out there and get connected!




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